These Four Walls: a Corona lockdown photo journal

As the UK went into Corona lockdown in March 2020, all shoots were cancelled, and the borders of life shrank to a few rooms and a daily walk. I decided to do something unusual for me, and make home my subject.

My brief: working in medium format, with a top-down viewfinder and in B&W, take one photo each day to capture something characteristic of the detail, tone or emotion of this new normality, and document these strange times as they passed in one flat in Brixton.

Unlike others, we haven’t been ill (yet) or lost anyone (yet), so our experience doesn’t reflect the extremes many have endured. But few aspects of life are untouched and from toilet paper shortages to Zooming Great Grandma, from washing soup cans to celebrating a birth, much of human life seems to be here, just confined to the house…