In a Green Shade: The English & Nature

New in summer 2020: an ongoing environmental portrait project, taking an affectionate look at the English & Nature, exploring & celebrating our diverse connections to this green & pleasant land.

Inspired by my own lockdown micro-gardening and the feeling that – with Brexit in view and the Union in peril – whatever ‘Englishness’ is it, it is more relevant than it has been for centuries and bound up in a shared love of nature & the natural world.

I am travelling across the country to meet people and be introduced to the patch of green, the environmental job, the outdoor pursuit or the eco-volunteer role that is important to them.

From paddle boarding on urban canals to feeding the ducks on a prized pond; from nurturing a window box to rewilding an ancient estate; from managing the industrial complex of a mega-farm to tending a beloved allotment; from advocating for environmental reform or running a reserve, to leaving food out for a hedgehog; from scaling mountain tops to walking the dog. “Annihilating all that’s made / To a green thought in a green shade.” (Andrew Marvell, The Garden)

To read more about the project, to get involved or to suggest a suitable person or organisation: click this link