Cold Water Swimmers of Brockwell Lido: Before & After

A personal project combining my passion for outdoor swimming with editorial photography and location lighting: swimmers at the unheated Brockwell Lido brave the pool year-round, enduring and enjoying temperatures as low as 2-3 degrees Celcius, and creating a community of cold-water lovers that contributes to define life at the pool. With kind permission of Fusion, who run the Lido, we spent the morning session at the pool in late November 2017, taking before and after-swim images of any of the swimmers who were willing to participate.

The ‘pre’ shots were formal, studio-and-ambient-lit portraits taken poolside, which we followed with ‘after’ naturally-lit shots in the water, to show the exhilarating, skin-reddening, shocking delight of a cold water dip, and to contrast the perfunctory architecture & furniture of the pool environment, with the transportative pleasures of the pool itself.  Shot on Phase One IQ3, and Canon Eos 5D Mark IV, using Elinchrom Quadra Ranger lighting, with Nick Christie and Abena Appiah assisting.