Mindful Mum’s the word…

Seeking moments of mindful zen amid a gaggle of under 15s on location with comedian Olivia Lee and Decca Records…

Mindful Mum for Decca Records

At the start of the summer, I spent a rather hectic, but nonetheless brilliant day on location in suburban North London with comedian Olivia Lee, record label Decca and what felt like 85 children, but was in fact just 3.

We were shooting advertising imagery and album cover art for Lee’s new satirical self help record ‘Mindful Mum: How Not to Lose Your Total F*cking Sh*t

Mindful Mum for Decca Records

And that meant a number of outfit and set up changes, wrangling the location lighting in the smallish sitting room location and coaxing performances from our younger models. Sadly, a mistimed bee sting meant we lost one performer to nerves, but Daisy the baby cried with gusto and our teen was a perfect foil to Olivia’s brightly blithe performance.

With an edit by the awesome Chris Roome at Happy Finish the imagery looked perfect on the album itself, and on a London Underground billboard campaign.

Olivia’s album also attracted some press coverage for its ‘controversial’ content! https://www.thesun.co.uk/fabulous/9826237/comedian-album-swear-words-mums-stress/

Listen to the album: https://decca.lnk.to/mindfulmumwe

Find out more about Olivia and her work: https://www.olivialee.com/

Buy the album: https://shop.decca.com/*/*/How-Not-to-Lose-Your-Fucking-Shit/68Q10000000